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*NEW - Package of five guided meditations- one for each night of the week, designed to work with each other to help you find mindfulness around food and stop binge eating. Instead of going to food, put your headphones on and listen to these sessions in the evening. You will for sure find peace and healing around food. Try them for a week. If you don't like them, get a full refund. Meditations include: 
  • Stop Binge Eating
  • Create Positive Body Image
  • Eat Slowly and Mindfully
  • Stop Dieting Start Intuitive Eating
  • Motivation to Exercise
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One comment on “Books and Resources

  1. Michelle Lewis

    Hi Leora,

    Hope this email finds you well! My name is Michelle and I am a counselor at Salt Lake Weight Counseling. I am writing to inquire about the process to be included in the recovery section of the site. I am interested in becoming one of the partners of your site as healthcare professional that provides empathetic health care to those people who are suffering from eating disorder.

    Hope that you consider this request and hear from you soon. Thank you.

    Kind Regards,
    Michelle Lewis

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