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Valentine’s Day Binge

VALENTINES DAY...Because life just isn't complicated enough, is it?

VALENTINES DAY…Because life just isn’t complicated enough, is it?


Chocolate binge on Valentine’s Day? You’re not the only one. This day can be challenging for a lot of people, and not just the relationship aspect, but the copious amounts of chocolate candy everywhere!!!!!!!!

In the spirit of loving yourself, take a breath, put the chocolate down, step away from the binge food and forgive yourself. Brush your teeth, take a nice hot bath or shower, and ritually “wash the binge away.”

And, I apologize for the brevity here, but caring for a 3 month old gives me a lack of time (and hands!) to write with, so I bring you– last year’s recycled post.  Recycling is good!

For some it’s a fun excuse to paint your nails red, to buy flowers for your loved ones, to bake cupcakes, and eat chocolate bonbons. But I suspect that for each person who loves Valentine’s Day, there’s a person who hates it. It can just be a really depressing day. So, I propose for those who are on the side of hating Valentine’s Day, to make it National Self Love Day.Ask yourself, “what’s the next loving thing I can do for myself?”  several times on February 14th. Maybe the next loving thing that you can do for yourself will be taking a break from the office and stretching, or putting hand lotion on your hands, or calling your mother/father/best friend/grandma/sponsor, or drinking water. What do you need from yourself to feel love and respect? And if it’s hard for you to feel self love, ask yourself this, “what would I do if I loved myself?”

If there’s no one else in your life right now, and that’s painful for you, rather than allowing February 14th to illuminate that for you– Empower yourself by putting Valentine’s Day in it’s place. Reclaim it as a holiday about couples to holiday about love, and self love is at the root of all love. Embrace everything about you that makes you great!   Let yourself be in love with you for a day. Give yourself flowers!  Cook yourself an amazing dinner, focus on what makes you great and figure out what kinds of self loving things you can do for you.