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I Can’t Stop Bingeing on Halloween Candy!!!!!

That’s the thing that comes with this time of year, lots and lots and lots of candy– out in bowls, all over the place. It starts now and doesn’t end for the next 2 months.  That’s a lot of bingeing. But you don’t have to fall prey to Halloween candy binges.

1.)Don’t fall for the “this is the only time a year that I get to do this.” Do a cost/benefit analysis. Are bite sized Almond Joys and Candy Corns worth the feeling that you get from bingeing? Think about how you will feel once you start eating those things.

2.)Opt not to give out candy this year. Try something different, like little toys and crafts or crayons or toy jewelry and cars, go for something fun.

3.)When you see bowls of Halloween candy out in the world, or in your office, make a decision to avoid it. Just put a boundary around it so that it is not a temptation. “I will not stick my hand in the candy bowl.”

4.)If you just can’t avoid Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, get one in a “short.” They don’t have those on the menu, but it’s enough to have a taste without triggering a binge. Just order one and ask for it to be “short.” This is 8 oz. which is the smallest size Starbucks offers, but you’ll probably only get this size if you actually say the word “short.” If you order a “small”  they will give you a Tall, which is the smallest size for the advertised sizes.

5.)If you must buy Halloween candy to give out, don’t buy it until the actual day of Halloween and give out lots of it, make sure there are no leftovers. You might even want to keep it in a bowl outside your door.

6.)If you start in on the Halloween candy, remember that you can stop. You’re not stuck in a binge just because you started in on something. You can always stop.

7.)Remember, if you were a recovering alcoholic in AA, you wouldn’t spend Cinco de Mayo drinking Margaritas because you would remember that your recovery came first. Always think of recovery first and things that feel big, like Holidays will pale in comparison to your progress.

How about Sexy Einstein for Halloween This Year?

Halloween is challenging for people with eating issues for the obvious reasons- all the candy and partying everywhere. But there is also the fact that for many women, Halloween is a time to put on their sexiest outfits and throw on some horns and be a “sexy devil,” or a “sexy cat,” or a “sexy cop” or a “sexy cheerleader,” or a “dead hooker,” or a “slutty nun,” or something else provocative. My own personal belief is that Halloween is a great time for people to embrace their shadows, and have fun with their sexuality within the safe containment  of the holiday.  However, this can also be incredibly challenging for many women. It’s a time when some women feel more free with their bodies and displaying more skin and some women begin to compare themselves and feel badly about themselves. Although many women with food and body image issues tend to make unfair comparisons between  themselves and other women, Halloween can create a scenario where the comparative thinking is extremely magnified.

Here are some tips for dealing with the feelings that might come up around that Catholic schoolgirl.

  • Find a Halloween costume that you love and that is fun and you feel comfortable in.
  • If you notice that you are comparing yourself to someone else, tell yourself to stop immediately and to just not go there. Just because someone looks good, doesn’t mean that you look bad. This is called compare & despair. You compare yourself to someone else and you immediately then beat yourself up. Remember that you are great, even if someone else is great too.
  • If you notice that someone’s outfit is triggering you, don’t berate them, even silently to yourself. That will create anger or resentment inside. Men aren’t the only ones who are capable of objectifying women. Sometimes women will label other women “sluts”  or “whores” if their appearance triggers comparative thinking or insecurity.  It might be good to talk to them and see that they are human, not someone to be objectified or degraded. They might be just as intimidated by you and your appearance. If this is someone who you’d rather not talk to, simply avoid them. Don’t let their outfit affect your good time.
  • If it’s too hard this year, don’t go out, or just invite some safe people over for pumpkin carving and hanging out. It’s okay to take care of yourself by avoiding a situation that can be potentially harmful.

Have Fun and Be Safe! Happy Halloween!

Why Hello There!

So, you all know that I’ve not been posting because I have two babies at home to take care of. I love my babies to bits and pieces, but seriously, maternity leave is soooooo much harder than going to work. I’m constantly tired and have no time to fold laundry, clean my house, let alone blog, see clients, or work on my book. Meanwhile, I do get the amazing wonderfulness of sitting in my glider nursing and looking into my tiny new baby’s eyes while my almost 2 year old runs rampant around my house making chaos and wreaking havoc. And, this state of affairs is so temporary and so beautiful and such a fleeting moment that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you all. In the past month since I’ve been on leave, I’ve been flooded with emails and heartfelt stories from women who are really struggling with binge eating and needing some advice. As my new little one is allowing me to put him down a little more, I’ll be answering questions in my next several posts. I expect to begin to start posting again in November.

Thanks for your questions and thanks for reading and keep sending me questions.