As some of my readers might remember, I previously had a support forum up. Sadly that was an epic fail. It became overrun with spammers and was impossible to manage, so I had to shut it down.  I’ve recently opened up a facebook page for the blog. I am hoping that it can also serve as sort of a support group so that folks can get help and support from each other. I also want to use it to post articles and research.  My question is, would you use a facebook group as a support group? If so, what kind of privacy settings would you want? Would you want it to be a closed (private) group or open so that many people could join? Answer in the comments section to let me know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/bingeeatingtherapy

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5 comments on “Please give me your opinion about a Facebook Group

  1. Jessica

    I was anorexic, but now I’m a binge eater, I was wondering if my obsession with food and calorie counting could be making me binge. I get anxious about it. And it’s the only anxiety that I can’t solve by my own. I’ve never had problems with my feelings, so I know that it isn’t emotional binge. If so, how can I stop with this obsession about food and calorie counting? Thank you xoxo.

  2. Siri

    I am already a member of a private hidden group on Facebook – it is wonderful to post and discuss eating, exercise, etc. privately. I say go for it!

  3. John


    I just finished listening to the interview you did with Alen Standish on his Quit Binge Eating Podcast. I enjoyed the information on meditation and binge eating. I have been in denial about my binge eating disorder for over 25 years. Alen also started a Quit Binge Eating Community on Google+ It would be great if you joined. You can post links your website so other can benefit from your efforts.

    I just joined your Facebook Group

    Thanks Again,

  4. sunshine

    I vote for private!! :)

  5. Elka

    Hiya, just wanted to say love your site and thanks for posting so much helpful stuff! Personally I wouldn’t use a Facebook group because I don’t trust the privacy settings – Facebook seem to have the right to change them whenever they want without telling us, and I wouldn’t want all my casual friends, family and colleagues to know that I have this issue. It would be really cool though, having everything in one place, but personally I prefer to keep sensitive stuff separate.

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