As some of my readers might remember, I previously had a support forum up. Sadly that was an epic fail. It became overrun with spammers and was impossible to manage, so I had to shut it down.  I’ve recently opened up a facebook page for the blog. I am hoping that it can also serve as sort of a support group so that folks can get help and support from each other. I also want to use it to post articles and research.  My question is, would you use a facebook group as a support group? If so, what kind of privacy settings would you want? Would you want it to be a closed (private) group or open so that many people could join? Answer in the comments section to let me know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/bingeeatingtherapy

online binge eating treatment

Online Binge Eating Treatment - LEARN MORE!


Most recent quote from community member: "Unbelievable progress. I had a slice of cake, wasn't that fussed about it and moved on. Cake is just cake! I never thought I'd get to this place. I keep thinking back to an earlier meditation when all the negative energy left down through my feet. That was really powerful. I'm planning to play it again. I've also drawn up a weekly meal plan of healthy balanced meals. This just helps to give me a bit of guidance and planning and eliminates any need for impulsive decisions when I often feel stressed after work. Amazing, thank you so much. I always hoped for hope, but n ow I feel like I'm living hope! I'm so grateful Leora. Thank you."
  • Jessica

    I was anorexic, but now I’m a binge eater, I was wondering if my obsession with food and calorie counting could be making me binge. I get anxious about it. And it’s the only anxiety that I can’t solve by my own. I’ve never had problems with my feelings, so I know that it isn’t emotional binge. If so, how can I stop with this obsession about food and calorie counting? Thank you xoxo.

  • Siri

    I am already a member of a private hidden group on Facebook – it is wonderful to post and discuss eating, exercise, etc. privately. I say go for it!

  • Leora,

    I just finished listening to the interview you did with Alen Standish on his Quit Binge Eating Podcast. I enjoyed the information on meditation and binge eating. I have been in denial about my binge eating disorder for over 25 years. Alen also started a Quit Binge Eating Community on Google+ It would be great if you joined. You can post links your website so other can benefit from your efforts.

    I just joined your Facebook Group

    Thanks Again,

  • sunshine

    I vote for private!! 🙂

  • Elka

    Hiya, just wanted to say love your site and thanks for posting so much helpful stuff! Personally I wouldn’t use a Facebook group because I don’t trust the privacy settings – Facebook seem to have the right to change them whenever they want without telling us, and I wouldn’t want all my casual friends, family and colleagues to know that I have this issue. It would be really cool though, having everything in one place, but personally I prefer to keep sensitive stuff separate.